Volcom Stone – Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Stop #3: Mount St. Bruno, QC

Season 2014, Stop 3. Uploaded by VolcomStoneYAE.

15 & Under Division:

  1. Keegan Hosefros
  2. Neil Clelland
  3. Vincent Poirier
  4. Francis Belanger
  5. Christophe Aivarez

16-21 Division:

  1. Anthony Thiffeault
  2. Remy Stern
  3. Raphael Vezina
  4. Maxime Uaurin
  5. Antoine Dufresne Fortin

Women’s Open Division:

  1. Ceddo Lessard
  2. Britt Horowitz
  3. Samm Denena
  4. Veronique Desrosiers
  5. Melissa Rodrigue

Men’s Open Division:

  1. Axel Theoret
  2. Dillion Ojo
  3. Fab Jacques
  4. Alex Sarazin
  5. Maxime Desroches

Songs: Long Hair Don’t Care
Artist: The Aquadolls
Release: Stoked On You

Motion Graphics: Michael Wiener

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