Volcom Stone – Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Stop #8: Powder Ridge, MN

Season 2014, Stop 8. Uploaded by VolcomStoneYAE.
15 & Under Division

  1. Casey Flipsen
  2. Luke Zajac
  3. Cam Kaiser
  4. Sam Hunt
  5. Cole Sorensen

16-21 Division:

  1. Benny Milam
  2. Garrett McKenzie
  3. Justin Mohs
  4. Noah Fleming
  5. Derick Lang

Women’s Open Division:

  1. Kayli Hendricks
  2. Kristin Jessen
  3. Kasie Carriveau
  4. Justine Pinkerton
  5. Ellie Augustine

Men’s Open Division:

  1. Mike Skiba
  2. Kyle Kennedy
  3. Shane Ruprecht
  4. Sam Schiltgen
  5. Matt Chase

Rev’d Rider Award: $100 — Kayli Hendricks
Electirc’s “Gooyest Move of the Event”: $50 and Electric Sunglasses — Benny Milam

Songs: White’s Not My Color This Evening
Artist: Cherry Glazerr
Release: Haxel Princess

Motion Graphics: Michael Wiener

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