GT Bikes – Vantastic Voyage Full Video

Uploaded by GTBicycles1. Come along on a Vantastic Voyage with GT Bikes’ Brian Kachinsky, Albert Mercado, Dan Conway, Leandro Moreira, Jeff Ludwig, Kody Bricen and Jordan Grandinetti as they head to Florida with their final destination, Swamp Fest! Filmed and edited by Andrew Brady. For more updates from the road check out the tag #gtvantasticvoyage.

Ride BMX – Albert Mercado in GT’s Seriously Fun

Uploaded by Ride BMX Magazine. Nobody rides quite like Albert Mercado. Al has a casual swag in his riding that shines through even when he’s doing odd-ball NBD maneuvers. Creativity, spot use and one hell of an invert make every Albert Mercado section a good one, but this one is especially good. Filmed in California,… Continue reading Ride BMX – Albert Mercado in GT’s Seriously Fun