DD Chronics – Cruising with Friends

Season 2016, Episode 3. Uploaded by Snowboarder Xtreme. It´s less behind the scenes but more cruising and jumping. Winter is not over yet, so let´s go out and get some. Filmed by: Sebi Madlener and Theo Acworth Edited by: Sebi Madlener Riders: MARCO FEICHTNER, SEBI GEIGER, ALEX FISCHER, LUKAS ELLENSOHN, JORIS DOORN, MAXI PREISSINGER, THOMAS… Continue reading DD Chronics – Cruising with Friends

DD Chronics – Homeland Day Trips

Season 2016, Episode 2. Uploaded by Snowboarder Xtreme. Back home, waiting for the snow came to an end. The up and down of temperature and the daily change between snow, rain & sun didn´t make it an easy game. Every night again we would decide where to go the next day to catch some. We… Continue reading DD Chronics – Homeland Day Trips

DD Chronics – J A P A N

Season 2016, Episode 1. Uploaded by Snowboarder Xtreme. This one is about the little things before, after and in between. A concerning lack of snow in Europe meant that we (Sebi Geiger, Simon Pircher, Alex Fischer, Lukas Ellensohn, Sebi Madlener and Theo Acworth) thought it might be nice to go on a very last minute… Continue reading DD Chronics – J A P A N