Xavier De Le Rue’s DIY Tour – The Angelique Couloir Mission

Season 2, Episode 3. Uploaded by Red Bull. Re-uniting with Tony Lamiche, Sam Smoothy and Alex Pittin in Chamonix, Xavier de le Rue knew he was in for a mission – and they did not disappoint, choosing the Angelique Couloir as their objective.

Salomon TV – Skyway

Season 10, Episode 1. Uploaded by officialsalomon. In 2015 the new Skyway Monte Bianco opened, replacing the rustic funivia cable car that for decades transported skiers and alpinists up to Punta Helbronner on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Oscar Taiola, a mountain guide and icon of the former cable car and now safety manager… Continue reading Salomon TV – Skyway

Swatch – Do it Yourself: Episode 2

Uploaded by swatch. Legendary snowboarder, 3-time Freeride World Tour Champion and Swatch Proteam athlete Xavier De Le Rue has a new adventure – all by himself! Gone are the large-scale expeditions of the past; Xavier’s heading out “ski-bum” style to make movies.