Salomon Freeski TV – Iceland

Season 8, Episode 1. Uploaded by salomonfreeskiTV. As the youngest land mass on earth, Iceland is an ever-evolving paradise for skiers. Littered with volcanoes, the ski lines here plunge straight to the ocean’s edge. Andreas Fransson, Chris Rubens and Mark Abma visit Arctic Heli Sking on the Troll Peninsula. –Music– ‘Colours’ by Alan Poettcker An… Continue reading Salomon Freeski TV – Iceland

Salomon Freeski TV – Fjord Norway

Season 7, Episode 2. Uploaded by salomonfreeskiTV. For generations explorers have traveled deep into the fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps in Western Norway. Greg Hill, Andreas Fransson, & Chris Rubens board a century old fishing vessel in search of their own adventure. Music: ‘Aurora’ written and composed by Sizzlebird. An Original Song for Salomon Freeski… Continue reading Salomon Freeski TV – Fjord Norway