Funner Snowboarding – Stevens Pass Biggest Hipster Footy

Uploaded by funnerprojects. Stevens Pass Biggest Hipster session raw footy from the day. Featuring Matt Wainhouse, Kurt Jenson, Andy Bergin-Sperry, Andy Stern, Jordan Frager, Sean Fithian, Damian the Dagger, Scott Witsil, Milo Malkoski, Russell Winfield, Ryan McLaughlin, Max Dre Djenohan, Ryan Waiste and more.

Japan Snowboarding – Land of the Rising Snow

Episode 1. Uploaded by funnerprojects. Visit Hokkaido, Japan with Andy Stern, Seth Hill, Luke Thorington and more for a trip into the culture, food, and mountains. Imagine traveling from Hawaii to Hokkaido, Japan to snowboard epic Siberian storms with your best buddies. That’s what our crew was able to pull off in an 18 day… Continue reading Japan Snowboarding – Land of the Rising Snow