MSP Films – RUIN AND ROSE Alaska Full Segment 4K

Uploaded by mspfilms. Camping on a glacier in the middle of the Tordrillo mountains in Alaska for two weeks is no small feat. Let alone when you are bombarded with 6ft of snow in 36 hours and your only way to get up the mountains is your own two feet. Well we sent Cody Townsend,… Continue reading MSP Films – RUIN AND ROSE Alaska Full Segment 4K

Momentum Ski Camps – Session 2 Edit

Uploaded by MomentumSkiCamps. View Momentum Camps from space! Featuring Olympic medalists Joss Christensen and Mikael Kingsbury, plus Phil Marquis, Alex Schlopy, Rory Bushfield, Audrey Robichaud, James Woodsy Woods, Noah Bowman, Kris Atkinson, Austin Ross, Mike Henitiuk, Colby James West, TJ Schiller, B-Reid, Max Moffat, Dom Laporte, Tami Bradley, diggers and campers.

Momentum Ski Camps – Session 1 Edit

Uploaded by MomentumSkiCamps. A week full of sun, happy campers, top campers, palm trees and more! Featuring Simon D’Artois, Brenden Reid, Corey Vanular, James Woodsy Woods, Justin Dorey, Noah Bowman, Sean Pettit, Max Moffet, Chelsea Henitiuk, Austin Ross, Broby Leeds, Tami Bradley, Geoff Lovelace, diggers, campers and more!