Gullwing Truck Co. – Deathmatch 2014

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. Music and skateboarding have forever been intertwined, so the head on collision of the SXSW Music & Arts Festival and Thrasher Magazine’s Deathmatch is the perfect storm of mayhem. The Boys obliged.

Gullwing Truck Co. – 2013 Team Leftovers

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. 2013 Gullwing Army extras from the road and home. Tyrone Olson, Taylor Hoagland, Andrew Mercado, Shaun Ross, Connor Getzlaff, Elijah Anderson, Timmy Jak, Gobber, Rayce Davis, Tyler Martin, Poptart, Andy Boggs, Cano Cardenas, Jeff Ward, Todd, RJ Baltazar, Ben Johnson and last but not least Keith Baldassare.

Gullwing Truck Co. – Lost Tapes: Texas

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. Gullwing Truck Co. | Lost Tapes | The team ripped through New Mexico & Texas on the long & winding road to SXSW. Shaun Ross, Keith Baldassare, Alan Young, Connor Getzlaff, The Ben Johnson, Damian Lynch, & special guests: Mason Merlino, Dave Angelus, Robert Palmer & more.

Gullwing Truck Co. – Chili Bowl 9

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. Chili Bowl 9 | San Francisco, CA | Potrero Park. If last years Chili Bowl was any impression, this years was a definitive gauntlet of ripping, brutal collisions & chaos. Mens qualifying through both final heats. Skateboarding by Willy Lara, Shaun Ross, Connor Getzlaff, Demarcus James, Lane Marriot, Cody Chapman, Chris Russell,… Continue reading Gullwing Truck Co. – Chili Bowl 9

Gullwing Truck Co. – Dumpster Dive Tour

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. Keith Baldassare and Jake “Poptart” Welch are probably lucky to have survived their coast-to-coast road trip from Florida to California. Watch as they limp their way across the country while picking up and running into friends along the way.