Thredisodes 2016 – Best of 2016

Season 2016, Episode 4. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Olliepop Films just dropped the Thredisodes best shots from the crew’s 2016 season down at Thredbo in Australia. Take a few minutes to enjoy the ingenuity of the crew and keep a lookout for this season’s episodes dropping soon!

Thrasher – Best of 2016: Kyle Walker

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. From Real’s Surveillance tapes, to Volcom’s Holy Stokes and of course Vans’ No Other Way – Kyle Walker carved his name into skateboarding history. We remixed his Greatest Hits from throughout the year to make a Mega-Part that’ll blow your mind. Ladies and Gents, your 2016 Skater of the Year!

Thrasher – Best of 2016: Evan Smith

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. To say Evan had a HELL OF A YEAR is an enormous understatement. From DC’s “Time Trap” part, Element’s “Zygote” video to every contest or street spot he encountered, Mr Smith laid down the gauntlet. Two covers in a year!