Thrasher – Santa Cruz’s “Til The End VOL 5” Video

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Knibbs kicks off the show, careening through traffic before Maurio covers the street-bump beat and Eman gets rocked by a phone pole, only to continue his high-speed pursuit. The Santa Cruz squad has outdone itself.

Thrasher – Santa Cruz’s “Til The End VOL 4” Video

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Santa Cruz keeps the spotlight on the Henry Gartland as he ravages the rail game. Cameos from the whole team and full parts from Jesse Noonan and Justin Sommer show the full force of their operation.

Thrasher – Santa Cruz’s “Til The End VOL 3” Video

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Asta kicks things off before Winkowski breaks out the vintage axe and a legendary Mac Dre track for the curtain call. Heavy clips from start to finish. Enjoy the show…

Thrasher – Santa Cruz’s “Til The End VOL 2” Video

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. The Cruz is back for part two, this time starring Fabiana Delfino and newly minted pro Kevin Braun.

Thrasher – Santa Cruz’s “Til The End” Video

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. To say the Santa Cruz squad is stacked is an understatement. This vid showcases some soon-to-be household names, as well as the OGs. Now sit back and enjoy this feature presentation…

Santa Cruz Skateboards – “Right To Exist” Full Video

Uploaded by Santa Cruz Skateboards. Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to present “Right To Exist.” The first full length Santa Cruz Skateboards video since 2005. Filmed over the span of a year and a half and featuring Kevin Braun, Eric Dressen, Blake Johnson, Tom Remillard, Steve Alba, Mikey Curtis, Tom Knox, Dylan Williams, Tom Asta,… Continue reading Santa Cruz Skateboards – “Right To Exist” Full Video

Independent Trucks – A Year In Review 2015: NHS, Inc.

Uploaded by IndependentTrucks. You may recall some of these clips, but it’s great to see them all together… The NHS, INC umbrella maintains some of the most talented skateboarders in the biz and what better way to honor all of their hard work throughout 2015 than with a ripping montage?! From all of the brands… Continue reading Independent Trucks – A Year In Review 2015: NHS, Inc.

TransWorld SKATEboarding – Red Bull Triple Set Contest

Uploaded by TransworldSKATEmag. Red Bull upped the ante on its Triple Set contest this year, hosting it on the roof of San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel. It was quite a scene with luxury hotel rooms, a pool and VIP bungalows.