etnies – Joslin Pro: Chris Joslin’s UNSTOPPABLE Part

Uploaded by etnies. Chris Joslin’s ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ part for his first pro model shoe, the Joslin Pro. This is the proving ground: testing the limits of performance and durability. The amount of footage that Joslin has produced in four years is unprecedented. The level of skateboarding that he operates at is insurmountable. And the Joslin Pro… Continue reading etnies – Joslin Pro: Chris Joslin’s UNSTOPPABLE Part

etnies – etnies x Bones

Uploaded by etnies. The etnies X Bones collaboration pays homage to an era when ramps were built with friends and skaters spray painted logos on every surface. Matt Berger, Chris Joslin and Trevor McClung lead the alliance in commemorating the brands’ 30-year legacies by channeling a day in age when the times were simpler, skateboarding… Continue reading etnies – etnies x Bones

Bones Wheels – Poland Tour 1

Uploaded by BonesWheels4life. Thank you Piotr Dabov for sending this video our way. And also, thanks to SKATEPARKI.PL specially Mrs. Monika and Mr. Pawel Glyda, Nervous Strong Company as a Skate One Polish Distribution, all the skateshops participating: KBT, KAMUFLAGE, KOSMOS, NERVOUS, Michał Panasiuk, RBS photo, IDOSK8.COM, DIZASTERMAG, Galeria Lodzka and many more!

Bones Wheels – TJ Rogers

Uploaded by BonesWheels4life. “TJ Rogers has been on an absolute tear lately! Aside from this video you’re about to watch, TJ just release an insane Blind video part and is also working on an interview in the mag and almost has enough footage for another video part… This dude is HUNGRY!”