Hyperlite Wakeboards – HyperSquad

Uploaded by HyperliteWakeMfg. Hyperlite set off to Hip-Notics Cable Park in a time when the news recommended otherwise. Wakeboarding is a global sport however and riding in Turkey with the team was a must for JD Webb, Cody Hesse, Nicolas Leduc, Alex Aulbach, Courtney Angus and Nick Davies. Pairing the squad with Spencer Norris and… Continue reading Hyperlite Wakeboards – HyperSquad

Hyperlite Wakeboards – Graeme Burress: Still Wreckless

Uploaded by HyperliteWakeMfg. Graeme Burress has always let his riding do the talking. Sometimes in life we face challenges, everyone does and Graeme is no exception. The real beauty lies within the results from getting back on your feet again and pushing to attain your goals in life. He’s “Still Wreckless” on his Wishbone, a… Continue reading Hyperlite Wakeboards – Graeme Burress: Still Wreckless

Hyperlite Wakeboards – “Parks & Wreck”

Uploaded by HyperliteWakeMfg. The Hyperlite team is back at it in “Parks & Wreck”! Creating your own back yard wake park is a dream come true for many wakeboarders and in Texas we know a few who’ve brought theirs to life. JD Webb, Jimmy LaRiche, Nick Davies, Turbo, Trever Maur and Rocker Steiner take off… Continue reading Hyperlite Wakeboards – “Parks & Wreck”

Sets in Motion – Thai Wake Park

Episode 9. Uploaded by oakleywomen. Angelika Schriber is one of the most stylish women’s pro riders to come into the cable wakeboard scene. Angelika is constantly on the move and traveling all over the world to the best cable parks. In this episode of Sets in Motion, Angelika spends some time at the Thai Wake… Continue reading Sets in Motion – Thai Wake Park