“Sets In Motion” – A Women’s Wake Film

Uploaded by oakleywomen. “I wanted to create a platform and a project for the girls that’s going to be timeless and online and for everyone to see forever. It was an idea, in a way, for me to push the girls and motivate them to progress their riding harder than what they’ve ever done in… Continue reading “Sets In Motion” – A Women’s Wake Film

Sets in Motion – Orlando

Episode 10. Uploaded by oakleywomen. In this episode of Sets In Motion, the featured athletes Jen Gilenfar, Cassandra Scott, Melissa Marquardt, Raimi Merritt, Hayley Smith , Meagan Ethell, Tarah Mikacich and Amber Wing spent some time behind the camera in Orlando, Florida with the Wakegirls crew. With a handful of wakeboardings top athletes and some… Continue reading Sets in Motion – Orlando

Sets in Motion – Oakley Wake

Episode 8. Uploaded by oakleywomen. In the new episode of the ground-breaking women’s wakeboard series, “Sets In Motion,” the Oakley wake team come together to have some fun and do some riding in the wakeboard capitol of the world: Orlando, Fla. Using super slow-mo footage to fully showcase the technicality of the riding, the viewer… Continue reading Sets in Motion – Oakley Wake

Sets in Motion – Battle Falls

Episode 7. Uploaded by oakleywomen. In Episode 7, Breathe Boardwear sends the Wakebabes out to Reed Hansen’s Battle Falls for three very progressive days of wakeskating. The founder of Breathe Boardwear, Cianne Naji, passed away before the last session and the girls let wild flowers free in her honor. Rest in Peace CI, breathe easy.… Continue reading Sets in Motion – Battle Falls