The Skateboard Mag – 2015 Van Doren Invitational

Uploaded by theskateboardmag. The 2015 Van Doren Invitational went down this weekend and the invitees really outdid themselves this time; Collisions, near-concussions and crazy big airs. This is what it’s all about. Featuring Marlon Silva, Alex Perelson, Raney Beres, David Loy, Ronnie Sandoval, Greyson Fletcher, Curren Caples, Charlie Blair, Chris Gregson, Ben Raybourn, Jake Reuter,… Continue reading The Skateboard Mag – 2015 Van Doren Invitational

TransWorld SKATEboarding – Van Doren Invitational Finals

Uploaded by TransworldSKATEmag. The finals heats today were intense! Raney Beres, Tony Trujillo, Grayson Fletcher, Ben Hatchell, Raven Tershy, Ben Raybourn and more all blazing the Marseilles bowl at once? Are you kidding me?