copper chronicles s3e3

Woodward – Copper Chronicles: S3E3

Season 3, Episode 3. Uploaded by Woodward. The season finale of Copper Chronicles dropping just in time to round out the season here at Woodward Copper. Dylan Alito, Austin Julik-Heine, Pat Fava, Joey Fava and Tylor Berreth provide the heat in Episode 3. A special thanks goes to everyone who came through Woodward Copper this […]

copper chronicles s3e2

Woodward – Copper Chronicles: S3E2

Season 3, Episode 2. Uploaded by Woodward. A perfect park, bluebird skies and you’re invited! Season 3 Episode 2 brings the heat with serious rail game and even more creative features from a workhorse Park Crew. Jibbing brought to you by Austin Julik-Heine, Max Bigley, Greyson Clifford and Dylan Alito. Shot & cut by Zach […]

copper chronicles s3e1

Woodward – Copper Chronicles: S3E1

Season 3, Episode 1. Uploaded by Woodward. The Chronicles are back. Season 3 Episode 1 is HEAVY and thanks to the best crew in the game Central Park is gunning to be the best park in North America. Creative and flowy riding brought to you by Cody Cooper, Greyson Clifford, Max Bigley, Austin Julik-Heine, Tylor […]

the launch 2018 day 2

Snowboarder Magazine – “The Launch” 2018 Day 2 Highlight Video at Woodward Copper

Uploaded by snowboardermag. The Launch 2018—Day 2 Highlight Video at Woodward Copper featuring Jack Wiley, Alexis Roland, Jack Coyne, Kirk Teare, Justin Phipps, Keegan Hosefros, Rakai Tait, Luke Winkelmann, Miles Fallon, Will Healy, Dylan Okurowski, Cole Solner, Zeb Powell, Sean Neary, Storm Rowe, Pat Fava, Alex Atno, Ian Matteoli, Nick Miller, Brody Sanderson, Spencer Vaughan, […]