Momentum Ski Camps – Session 3 Edit

Uploaded by MomentumSkiCamps. With girls week and exposure film + photo. Featuring Joss Christensen, Mikael Kingsbury, Noah Morrison, James Woodsy Woods, ABM, Evan McEachran, Phil Marquis, Max Morello, Dom Laporte, B-Paul, Mike Riddle, Rory Bushfield, Dara Howell, Keltie Hansen, Audrey Robichaud, Tami Bradley, Matt Margetts, Alexi Godbout, Dania Assaly, diggers, campers and more!

Nine Queens 2013 – Heli Session

Season 2013, Episode 3. Uploaded by wwwrebeltv. In this episode of the Nine Queens we show some awesome female freeski footage from a helicopter. Watch the Helisessions where the girls throw it down as hard as they could to get the best video footage of their life.