x games overjoyed ep3

X Games – OVERJOYED Episode 3: Tahoe

Uploaded by X Games. OVERJOYED Episode 3: “Tahoe” features Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg and Ben Ferguson, plus guests Danny Davis, Hailey Langland and more, ripping through Tahoe. As world-renowned snowboarders Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg and Ben Ferguson travel the globe in search of the world’s best terrain and deepest snow, ‘Overjoyed’ documents the lines, airs […]

the peoples cut

The People’s Cut – A Snowboard Film

Uploaded by Matt Mikulich. In anticipation of my channel’s 100,000th view (a goal I always drove to achieve) I present “The People’s Cut”, a snowboard film which follows thirteen of the most diverse and skilled snowboarders of our time through edits cut by the people. Riders who deserved full parts in “Snowboard Addiction” but didn’t […]