dd chronics 2016 ep3

DD Chronics – Cruising with Friends

Season 2016, Episode 3. Uploaded by Snowboarder Xtreme. It´s less behind the scenes but more cruising and jumping. Winter is not over yet, so let´s go out and get some. Filmed by: Sebi Madlener and Theo Acworth Edited by: Sebi Madlener Riders: MARCO FEICHTNER, SEBI GEIGER, ALEX FISCHER, LUKAS ELLENSOHN, JORIS DOORN, MAXI PREISSINGER, THOMAS […]

dd chronics 2106 ep 1

DD Chronics – J A P A N

Season 2016, Episode 1. Uploaded by Snowboarder Xtreme. This one is about the little things before, after and in between. A concerning lack of snow in Europe meant that we (Sebi Geiger, Simon Pircher, Alex Fischer, Lukas Ellensohn, Sebi Madlener and Theo Acworth) thought it might be nice to go on a very last minute […]