adidas skateboarding activated

adidas Skateboarding /// Activated

Uploaded by adidas Skateboarding. Connecting the dots of the Great Southern Land, the adidas Skateboarding Australia team travels from Sydney to Perth, Melbourne to Adelaide and Brisbane to Tasmania leaving no spot untouched. From beginning to end, “Activated” is packed with greatness. Featuring Dennis Durrant & the adidas Skateboarding Australian team including Tom Snape, Gabriel […]

adidas japan rozu

adidas Skateboarding in Japan /// RŌZU

Uploaded by adidasSkateboarding. adidas Skateboarding travels to Japan for ‘RŌZU’. Follow the global team as they explore the iconic urban setting in the Land of the Rising Sun from Toyko & beyond. Officially introducing Diego Najera to the team and featuring Alec Majerus, Dennis Busenitz, Jack Fardell, Lucas Puig, Magnus Bordewick, Mark Suciu, Miles Silvas, […]

adidas skate copa court tokyo

adidas Skateboarding /// Skate Copa Court Tokyo

Uploaded by adidasSkateboarding. Join the adidas Skateboarding team as they travel to Tokyo, Japan for the final stop of the Skate Copa Court tour. In addition to a day of fun with the entire skateboarding community, the team attended the adidas Showcase which marked the world premiere of ‘The Splits’. Featuring: Marc Johnson, Jack Fardell, […]

adidas skate copa court sydney

adidas Skateboarding /// Skate Copa Court Sydney

Uploaded by adidasSkateboarding. Adidas skateboarding presents Skate Copa Court Sydney, Australia. Unlocking a new location under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and celebrating GSD, Skate Copa Court saw the entire skateboarding community gather together in one iconic spot. Australia’s own Dennis Durrant designed the Blackbird feature for all to session. Featuring Dennis Durrant, Tom Snape, Jae […]