Thrasher – Homies Ep. 9: Super Session

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Pedro Barros and Raney get it crackin’ at T.I. before Ishod, Zion, Sorgente, Foy and more burn down the Babylon bowl. These dogs are off the chain. Add title

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 3: Shut it Down

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Ishod, Ronnie, Roman, Cedric, Tyson, Pedro Barros and more homies blast over channels and burn down bowls, barking and brimming the whole time. Feel alive!

Thrasher – DC Shoes’ “Street Sweeper” Video

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. With a nod to past, but firmly planted in the future, this offering from DC is everything you could ever want from a street skating video. Big ups to everyone involved.

Thrasher – Golden Foytime: SOTY & Friends Go Big Down Under

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Handrails, homies and the heaviest SOTY yet—this rip ride to Oz shows that Jamie Foy is just getting started. Hell yeah, boys!

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2017: Episode 4 with Volcom and Deluxe

Season 2017, Episode 4. Uploaded by The Berrics. The Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest series bounced from the East Coast to Puerto Rico for a handful of rico/suave stops. There’s still much more to come on the itinerary, rain or shine.

DC SHOES – Evan Smith: “A Tour of Its Own”

Uploaded by DCshoesFILM. To launch the new Evan Smith signature shoe we loaded the van and hit the road! See what went down along the way in this video recap featuring Evan, Wes Kremer, Tristan Funkhouser, Matt Miller, Cyril Jackson and more! MUSIC PROVIDED BY Tour “One Of The Bad Guys” Off The Album Brown… Continue reading DC SHOES – Evan Smith: “A Tour of Its Own”