i ride park city ski 2014 ep4

“I Ride Park City” – Ski 2014: Ep 4

Season 4, Episode 4. Uploaded by Park City Mountain Resort. The past couple of weeks have been filled with warm weather, plentiful features and a solid crew consistently getting after it. Here’s a look at everything throwing down and keeping things fresh. Featuring Dale Talkington, John Ware, Nicky Keefer, Luka Melloni, Joey Van Der Meer, […]

I Ride Park City – Ski! The Movie

Uploaded by Park City Mountain Resort. I Ride Park City presents Ski! The Movie filmed and edited by AJ Dakoulas. This movie features the skiing of Tom Wallisch, Alex Schlopy, Joss Christensen, McRae Williams, John Kutcher, Dale Talkington, Tyler Barnes, Will Berman, Dave Euler and many more!