K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 8: Sean Pettit

Part 8. Uploaded by ISKIK2. Sean Pettit has been a house hold name in the ski industry since he was eleven years old. Known as one of the most popular and talented big-mountain skiers in the world, Pettit continues to push the sport and have a ridiculous amount of fun along the way.

K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 7: Clayton Vila

Part 7. Uploaded by ISKIK2. One of the most respected skiers in the game, Clayton Vila is known for his crazy urban antics and incredible style. From close-out rails on two story buildings, enormous death gaps on and off of features, wallride transfers and stairset handrails barren of snow that kink, twist and turn leaving… Continue reading K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 7: Clayton Vila

K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 6: Reggie Crist

Part 6. Uploaded by ISKIK2. A member of the US Ski Team for ten years and one of the most accomplished X Games athletes of all time, Reggie Crist’s single career goal is to ski “as much powder as humanly possible.” Don’t believe us? Just watch his latest Team K2 segment. Reggie continues to film… Continue reading K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 6: Reggie Crist

K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 5: Seth Morrison

Part 5. Uploaded by ISKIK2. Huge backflips to ski mountaineering, Seth Morrison continues to push the sport of skiing no matter where he is. Push play and enjoy the latest “Team K2” segment. Visit www.k2skis.com for more info and videos from Seth and the rest of the K2 Team.

K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 4: Lexi Dupont

Part 4. Uploaded by ISKIK2. Lexi is one of the leading ladies in the ski industry. She charges anything you put in front of her and does it with style. Check out her latest Team K2 edit. It features deep pow, steep lines and good times, you won’t want to miss it.

K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 3: Andy Mahre

Part 3. Uploaded by ISKIK2. Andy Mahre is a true veteran. He approaches each day on the mountain with a unique creative angle that integrates all aspects of whatever terrain he’s skiing that day. Mahre has established himself as a progressive force in the filming discipline and an inspiration to a new generation of skiers,… Continue reading K2 Skeeze 2014 – Part 3: Andy Mahre