atherton diaries 2018 ep 36

Atherton Diaries – Carnage in Rostrevor!!

Season 2018, Episode 36. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Gee headed out to Northern Ireland for his last race of the season. He took to the hill with fellow Red Bull racers, Greg Callaghan and Loic Bruni. The aim of the game… overtake as many of the 550 riders as he can. Filming and Editing: Tj […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 35

Atherton Diaries – Red Bull Foxhunt: 100% Stoke!

Season 2018, Episode 35. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. 200 female riders in the 5th Red Bull Foxhunt Equals 100% Stoke! Rachel welcomed 200 female mountain-bikers to her hometown for the 5th Red Bull Foxhunt – an “upside down” mass start race where six times World Champion Rachel “The fox” chases down the “hunters“ in two […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 32

Atherton Diaries – We Bossed La Bresse

Season 2018, Episode 32. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Racing at La Bresse was savage. The course is the shortest on the circuit but the first rainy race of the season was absolutely brutal! Luckily the team’s training in the harsh Welsh environment stood them in massively good stead! This is one for the family album […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 31

Atherton Diaries – Mont St Anne is Epic!

Season 2018, Episode 31. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Join us in Canada for Rachel’s scorching victory and Gee’s 100th start – and we bag team of the day! Get your swap on with the riders as they tackle on of the gnarliest tracks on the circuit riding right on the edge with some great results! […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 29

Atherton Diaries – Savage Weekend! Val di Sole World Cup

Season 2018, Episode 29. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. This weekend was insane! Val di Sole has always been a favourite with the team but this weekend was positively savage with thunderstorms and changing conditions creating a constantly shifting havoc on course throughout practise and qualifications. There were crashes and disappointments galore with Charlie nursing a […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 28

Atherton Diaries – CRANKWORX!!

Season 2018, Episode 28. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Family outing!! Dan, Gee, Rach and Kade hit up Crankworx in style! Bike park shreds, cows, crashes, Downhill Racing (Athy’s first international DH race in about six years!) Dual Slalom, Dual Speed and Style, Whip-offs…this one has it all! Rach does the double on the Downhill and […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 27

Atherton Diaries – Rach is Back!

Season 2018, Episode 27. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Once again we hit up the infamously bikeparky World Cup venue Leogang, except this time they had a bit of a surprise in store for us! Follow the team across one of the most intense weekends in a long time as they tackle the “back to nature” […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 26

Atherton Diaries – Fort William Unchained

Season 2018, Episode 26. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. The full DH crew took their annual pilgrimage to Fort William and we took everything that the course could throw at us! There were weather variations from blinding sunshine to dense fog, torrential rain, floods in the pits, crashes, hospital visits and mechanicals. We had a blast […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 25

Atherton Diaries – Dirt Jumps, Foxhunts & BBQ’s

Season 2018, Episode 25. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Rach previews this year’s Red Bull Foxhunt track. Unlike last year’s slopfest, the trails are bone dry and dusty. The Trek Remedy eats them up. Meanwhile Athy has been busy building the ultimate set of dirt jumps 50m from his house. Ant bought a banquet of slow […]

atherton diaries 2018 ep 23

Atherton Diaries – World Cup Losinj

Season 2018, Episode 23. Uploaded by Atherton Racing. Join the team in Losinj for the first World Cup of the season. It all seemed so idyllic, sunshine, sea and messing about in boats! But then we saw the track… riding it is one thing, riding it against the clock is something else entirely! The first […]