adidas skateboarding lunfardo

adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Lunfardo

Uploaded by adidas Skateboarding. The adidas Skateboarding Latin American team skates through the streets of Buenos Aires guided by “Lunfardo” language – the preferred slang in the Rio de La Plata area since the 19th Century. adidas Skateboarding Latin America presents: LUNFARDO. Featuring: Federico Gonzalez, Klaus Bohms, Akira Shiroma, Joakin Goto, Bastian Nuñez, Gui Silva, […]

adidas final days

adidas – The Final Days

Uploaded by The Berrics. Before adidas premiered their first full length video Away Days, there was the Final Days. With the video deadline looming, adidas took to the road for the Final Days of hitting spots and stacking potential enders. We tagged along to bring you an inside perspective of crunch time for one of […]