vans europe natural born cooler

Vans Skate – Vans Europe Presents: Natural Born Cooler

Uploaded by Vans Off The Wall. Vans Europe proudly presents Natural Born Cooler. Directed by Paul Labadie and showcasing exclusive footage of the Vans European skateboard team who traveled across Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, Cyprus and Italy last year. Kris Vile, Chris Pfanner, Victor Pellegrin, Nassim Guammaz all deliver full parts and Vans introduces Albert Nyberg […]

Vans Off The Wall – Spring Classic Skate Edit

Uploaded by Vans Off The Wall. Sunday, May 11th saw the qualifying rounds of the Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Spring Classic erupt with a relentless barrage of heavy tricks going down in the Bay of Naples. Final Results: Martino Cattaneo Alex Hallford Dannie Carlsen Mason Merlino Rob Smith Björn Lillsöe Alex Sorgente Music: The Hoop […]