Independent Trucks Team in OZ – “No Meat Pies, No Glory”

Uploaded by IndependentTrucks. NOTHING LIKE STARTING A MISSION IN MELBOURNE a few weeks after the SOTY crew went through and ripped that city a new one! That’s how skateboarding goes these days—there’s so many people traveling and getting it that there are very few places safe these days. And honestly, that’s a great thing! The… Continue reading Independent Trucks Team in OZ – “No Meat Pies, No Glory”

PUSH – Season 2 Epilogue

Uploaded by The Berrics. With new parts from Daniel Lutheran, Blake Carpenter, Miles Silvas, Leo Romero, Brandon Biebel, Tommy Fynn, Curren Caples and Nick Tucker coming soon, take a look at unreleased footage from the filming of their PUSH projects. The epilogue features interviews with Tony Hawk, Mike Sinclair, Arto Saari, Ed Templeton and Heath… Continue reading PUSH – Season 2 Epilogue

PUSH – Leo Romero: Inherent Drive

Episode 1. Uploaded by The Berrics. Skateboarders have a deeper understanding of the healing process than your average athlete. When we’re laid up, the mental toll can be unbearable. You beat yourself up, replaying the moment when everything changed over and over. Something’s missing, but it’s tough to pinpoint what it is. Food doesn’t taste… Continue reading PUSH – Leo Romero: Inherent Drive

Independent Trucks – A Year In Review 2015: NHS, Inc.

Uploaded by IndependentTrucks. You may recall some of these clips, but it’s great to see them all together… The NHS, INC umbrella maintains some of the most talented skateboarders in the biz and what better way to honor all of their hard work throughout 2015 than with a ripping montage?! From all of the brands… Continue reading Independent Trucks – A Year In Review 2015: NHS, Inc.

Sheckler Sessions – Detroit Skate City

Season 4, Episode 6. Uploaded by Red Bull. It’s time for Red Bull Hart Lines, a skate contest that was three years in the making. Ryan Sheckler and 22 of the top pros travel to Detroit for a street-style competition at Hart Plaza, smack in the heart of Motor City. While in Detroit, Ryan takes… Continue reading Sheckler Sessions – Detroit Skate City

Dew Tour Los Angeles 2015 – Skateboard Streetstyle Highlights

Uploaded by DewTourLive. With Dew Tour streetstyle taking place on a sloped hill in downtown Los Angeles, it brought out some epic skating from a field that included Kelvin Hoefler, Trevor Colden, Ryan Decenzo, Ryan Sheckler and more.

Neff Skate – Best of 2014

Uploaded by Neff Headwear. What happens when you get Romero, Raybourn, Merlino, Jaws, Servold, Silas, Moose, Bennett and Derrick Wilson together? This. This is what happens.

Thrasher – Toy Machine’s “The Re-education of Jeremy Leabres”

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Raw jocks, prepare to have your eyeballs kicked in the nuts with this one! Classic Toy Machine gnar meets uncanny fluidity on the unforgiving streets. Get ready to get schooled!

Neff Headwear – Neffarious in the Northwest

Uploaded by Neff Headwear. The Neff Skateboarding Team got together for their first ever road trip to film “Neffarious in the Northwest.” This epic edit with Thrasher Magazine features Neff Skateboarding Team riders Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Dakota Servold, Matt Bennett, Leo Romero, Nick Merlino, Silas Baxter-Neal and Derrick Wilson (not in this edit: Moose). Enjoy!