adidas snowboarding blender

adidas Snowboarding /// blender

Uploaded by adidas Snowboarding. “blender” follows the adidas team around the globe in search of spots new and classic alike. Together the crew bring in a new level of snowboarding for a fresh season. Featuring: Tommy Gesme, Louif Paradis, Derrek Lever, Alex Sherman, Ben Bilodeau, Craig Cameron, Artem Smolin and Mark Wilson Directed & Edited […]

the peoples cut

The People’s Cut – A Snowboard Film

Uploaded by Matt Mikulich. In anticipation of my channel’s 100,000th view (a goal I always drove to achieve) I present “The People’s Cut”, a snowboard film which follows thirteen of the most diverse and skilled snowboarders of our time through edits cut by the people. Riders who deserved full parts in “Snowboard Addiction” but didn’t […]

Vans – Hi-Standard Series 2014 in Vancouver

Uploaded by Vans Off The Wall. Vans recently celebrated the last date of the 2014 Vans Hi-Standard Series alongside Snowboard Canada and The Boardroom, which made its way through Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC only to end at Cypress Mountain, BC. Over $5000 in cash and prizes were awarded during the Hi-Standard competition and the […]

DejaVu Snowboarding – SLAMS, Bails & Fails

Season 1, Episode 10. Uploaded by NetworkA. The DejaVu snowboard film crew get a gravity beat down while filming in the streets. If it can go wrong, it does—tree shinners, flat landing blowouts, ass to stairs, head to concrete, slideouts and general unpleasantness prevail in this most-painful edit featuring Frank April, Ben Bilocq, Alex Cantin, […]

DejaVu Snowboarding – Japan Snowboarding Takeover

Season 1, Episode 6. Uploaded by NetworkA. Kick back and enjoy the epic laid back powder session as the Deja Vu crew including Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin and Ben Bilocq explore the best of Japan. From bright city lights to the mountains, there’s something magical about Japan that every snowboarder should should make a point […]