sunday in the park 2015 ep4

Bear Mountain – Sunday in the Park 2015: Ep 4

Season 2015, Episode 4. Uploaded by BearMountainResort. Bear Mountain has the best riding conditions, as well as the most features in California right now! –Riders– Buzz Holbrook Stevie Bell Melissa Evans Mike Gray Jake Schaible Keoni Kaimuloa Bob Abrams Robert Toste Brett Wilkinson Anthony Mazzotti Johnny Miller Lucas Magoon Video by: Adam Ruzzamenti “bEEF” Additional […]

sunday in the park 2015 ep2

Bear Mountain – Sunday in the Park 2015: Ep 2

Season 2015, Episode 2. Uploaded by BearMountainResort. Holy Sh*t!! Sunday in the Park brings the heat again. Like you even doubted that. Check out that all new episode. –Riders– Scotty Vine Mike Gray Jeremy Estorga Jared McDaniel Bob Abrams Denis Leontyev Lucas Magoon Kyle Schafer –Filmers– Adam Ruzzamenti “bEEF” Lee Stockwell Mark Thalman –Edit– Adam […]

Bear Mountain – “Built from Scratch” 3rd Edition

Uploaded by BearMountainResort. Every year it snows, and every year it melts. No matter the season we all try to make the best of each winter. Enjoy some of your favorite park riders as they build laps from scratch during the 2013/14 season at Bear Mountain. Riders: Brett Wilkinson Quinn Dubois Kody Williams Chris Mullins […]

Nothing to Prove – Full Movie Part Two

Part 2 of 2. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Nothing To Prove part two tells the stories of snowboarding in Utah through the eyes of the Celtek Gloves crew. After getting their fill of street riding in part one the crew packed up their bags and headed off to Utah in search of more shred. Once in […]

Nothing to Prove – Full Movie Part One

Part 1 of 2. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Nothing To Prove part one tells the stories of the early season and mid season through the eyes of the Celtek Gloves crew. The movie kicks off with all the homies hanging out at Bjorn Leines house to ride his Jib Farm which is a DIY snowboard park […]

Windells Camp – Best of Windells Snowboard Camp 2013

Uploaded by Windells Camp. Featuring Sage Kotsenburg, Forest Bailey, Eiki Helgason, Halldor Helgason, Dylan Thompson, Zak Hale, Johnny Lazz, Brendan Gerard, Brady Lem, Riley Nickerson, Ozzy Henning, Justin Fronius, Jordan Small and more! As the Summer of 2014 quickly approaches we look back at some of the finer moments of Summer 2013. Watch guest pros, […]

Jupiter People – A Dank Day in the Park with Johnny Miller

Webisode 2. Uploaded by PengProductions. Jupiter People & Dank Donuts present “A Dank Day In The Park”, a web series showcasing some of Bear Mountains local talent. This episode features Johnny Miller, Will Bateman, Lucas Magoon, Mathias Nordby, Bob Abrams, Keoni Kaimuloa & Jake Schaible. Songs: Beherit – Nuclear Girl & The Gate of Nanna […]

Bear Mountain – Hot Dawgs and Handrails 10

Uploaded by BearMountainResort. The Tenth Annual Hot Dawgs and Handrails Snowboard Contest at Bear Mountain! Men’s: Tommy Gesme Dillon Ojo Jordan Small Women’s: Melissa Evans Best Trick: Jaeger Bailey Shot by: Adam “BEEF” Ruzzamenti, Mark Thalman, Andrew Pagano and Cole Taylor Edit by: BEEF

Bear Mountain – Ashbury Demo 2013

Uploaded by BearMountainResort. Hot moves from the Ashbury demo at Bear Mountain! Featuring Ben Bilocq, Jake Kuzyk, Oliver Dixon, Justin Mulford, Lucas Magoon, Nick Noneman, Jordan Small, Justin Fronius, Austin Leonard, Jessi Blackwell, Durrel Williams, Jesse Paul and Cole Linzmeyer.