Dew Tour – Aimless Episode 14: Street Missions with Luke Winkelmann

Episode 14. Uploaded by DewTourLive. Free time for a pro snowboarder during the winter season is a rare commodity. Those who dedicate their time to contests are usually slammed with a schedule of back-to-back competitions, powder day delays, flights, layovers, and sponsor obligations. In between all of that, athletes will squeeze in time to film… Continue reading Dew Tour – Aimless Episode 14: Street Missions with Luke Winkelmann

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2018: Recap 3

Season 2018, Episode 3. Uploaded by The Berrics. Zumiez Best Foot Forward’s stops 28 through 36 traversed the Midwest, Canada and New England with special guests from Alien Workshop, Habitat, CONS and Element in tow. Next Stop: Best Foot Forward Finals in Boston!

Krooked Skateboards – Krooked in Minnesota : LSD Filming Trip

Uploaded by Krooked Skateboarding. The Krooked Team took a trip to Minnesota while filming for the LSD video. They got klips, hung at the lake and shot off a bunch of fireworks don’t ya know! Featuring Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig and Bobby Worrest.

Ride BMX – Madera in Minnesota…Maderasota!

Uploaded by Ride BMX Magazine. Madera is family, so when the TM wanted to plan a trip for 2017, he made sure it would be a place where almost everyone associated with Madera could meet up and shred. It just so happens that the place he picked, Minneapolis, is chocked full of spots as well.… Continue reading Ride BMX – Madera in Minnesota…Maderasota!

Arcadia – Jesse Paul in the Land of 10,000 Rails

Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. If you tell someone who doesn’t follow snowboarding that Minnesota produces as many talented snowboarders as any state in the US, they will, at the very least, give you a puzzled look. Of the recent talent to come out of The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Jesse Paul is among the most noteworthy… Continue reading Arcadia – Jesse Paul in the Land of 10,000 Rails

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2017: Episode 2 with Cons

Season 2017, Episode 2. Uploaded by The Berrics. The second leg of Zumiez BFF loop-de-looped through ten stops (in two countries) in a record 30-day period, with the CONS Pros putting both feet forward in Massachusetts. We’ve still got many more countries on the itinerary—visit the Zumiez Best Foot Forward page for full tour schedule… Continue reading Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2017: Episode 2 with Cons

Stronger Sessions – Jib Madness in Minnesota

Season 2017, Episode 1. Uploaded by Red Bull. With a line-up of riders including Travis Rice, Kazu Kokubo, Gigi Rüf and Scott Stevens, Union Binding’s team movie STRONGER was the snowboard movie hit of 2016, sweeping the awards with its perfect blend of slick 4K production and sick all-terrain action. To date, Stronger scored the… Continue reading Stronger Sessions – Jib Madness in Minnesota

Trollhaugen / Hyland – The Zoo

Uploaded by Jasper Lazor. After a long summer of a being caged in the animals are out! The Zoo is a snowboard movie featuring a group of talented Minneapolis teens exploiting the small local resorts with big tricks. We hope you enjoy! Produced by: Jasper Lazor Featuring: AJ Ronning, Nick Belbas, Scotty P, Jasper Lazor,… Continue reading Trollhaugen / Hyland – The Zoo

Monster Energy – DAYUMM!

Uploaded by monsterenergy. Last winter Sage Kotsenburg and Halldor Helgason got together to make a snowboard movie that would not only push the level of each others riding but also showcase snowboarding in a way they both believe in. You’ll see everything from technical tricks to some of the most creative features to date and… Continue reading Monster Energy – DAYUMM!

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2016: Ep 10

Season 2016, Episode 10. Uploaded by Zumiez. We met up with the Primitive team in Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri in episode 10 of Zumiez Best Foot Forward. Bringing us that much closer to Finals in Seattle.

RIDE Channel – Familia & Crew Skating Minneapolis

Uploaded by RIDEChannel. Minneapolis, MN located in the frozen North and home to a host of hidden skate gems. Cruise the downtown MPLS streets of marble and brick transitions with the Familia crew.

Teton Gravity Research – The Garrett Russell Experience: Episode III

Uploaded by Teton Gravity Research. The third installment of our journey into the mind, the soul and the style of one of skiing’s most unique – Garrett “G Funk” Russell. Shot in Minnesota, where Garrett is shredding around at Wild Mountain with the infamous Line Traveling Circus crew. Brought to you by:, Under Armour,… Continue reading Teton Gravity Research – The Garrett Russell Experience: Episode III

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2015: Ep 7

Season 2015, Episode 7. Uploaded by Zumiez. The Thunder Trucks team including JT Aultz and former Zumiez Best Foot Forward winners Jack Olson and Tyson Bowerbank joined the crew on the road through Minneapolis, MN at 3rd Lair, Kansas City and Omaha. See what it looked like through the lens of The Berrics. Congrats to… Continue reading Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2015: Ep 7