home field andrew reynolds

New Era Cap – HOME FIELD: Andrew Reynolds

Uploaded by New Era Cap. It wasn’t the palm trees or the beaches or the silver screen that pulled Andrew Reynolds to LA, it was skateboarding. Skateboarding is also what eventually made LA home and what kept him there as he made his mark as an icon within the sport, industry and culture. Film/Edit: Pat […]

home field chris grenier

New Era Cap – HOME FIELD: Chris Grenier

Uploaded by New Era Cap. When most pro snowboarders talk about their “home mountain” they’re not talking about their own private mountain, but that’s just what professional snowboarder and New Era Ambassador Chris Grenier has created at The Freedom Frontier. Chris and friend/co-owner, Alex Andrews, found, bought and spent the last year actualizing their off-the-grid […]

home field tyshawn jones

New Era Cap – HOME FIELD: Tyshawn Jones

Uploaded by New Era Cap. Tyshawn Jones style comes from where he lives and where he grew up skating; New York City. In New York you skate with the city, which includes taxis, buses, commuters, tourists, construction and noise; all of it, 24/7. This requires a certain form of poise exhibited only by those who […]