Diaries DownUnder 2014 – Steep White

Season 2014, Episode 5. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. It is Springtime in Queenstown, NZ and everybody is getting out on the lake, up the hills on their mountain bikes and enjoying the sunshine and warmth but just because the lifts have closed for the season, it doesn’t mean that the snow adventures have to stop! This […]

Diaries DownUnder 2014 – Scotty James’ Bucket List

Season 2014, Episode 3. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Meet Scotty James. At the Vancouver Olympics Scotty was the world’s youngest Olympian. In Sochi, he competed in both Slopestyle and Halfpipe and destroyed both with impeccable style. A truly great Aussie battler with a smile that he wears 24 hours a day, we got Scotty over from […]

Diaries DownUnder 2014 – New Options

Season 2014, Episode 2. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Winter is going strong down in the Southern Hemisphere! There are so many different ways to access the mountains in New Zealand, whether it be a T-bar, a nutcracker rope-tow, a chairlift or a helicopter! In this episode the Diaries Downunder crew get amongst 2 of the finest […]

#WeAreFrameless Australia – Perisher Resort

Season 1, Episode 2. Uploaded by boardworld. The #WeAreFrameless Australia Tour is all about showing off the fun we have snowboarding amongst the unique Aussie alpine landscape. Filmed exclusively at Perisher Resort, see the likes of Nic Harvey, Cohen Davies, Nick Brown, Brage Richenberg and Niklass Mattsson leave their mark on Charles Beckinsale’s heroic spring […]