stereophonic sound volume 11

RIDE Channel – Zizzo, Peterson, Rodriguez, Pastras and Greenwood in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 11

Uploaded by RIDEChannel. In our first episode of 2014, upstarts mix it up with legends as Nick Zizzo, Clint Peterson, Matt Rodriguez, Chris Pastras and Nate Greenwood bring you a style filled montage. Go skate and Happy New Year! Enjoy Full Dimensional Stereophonic Sound! Filmed by: Tobin Yelland, Cody Thompson, Matt Williams, Marshall Nicholson, David […]

stereophonic sound volume 10

RIDE Channel – Tony Karr, Nick Zizzo, Chris Pastras and Nate Greenwood in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 10

Uploaded by RIDEChannel. Stereo riders Tony Karr, Nick Zizzo, Chris Pastras and Nate Greenwood are featured in this months Stereophonic Sound Ensemble, along with cameos from Jason and Pilot Lee. Enjoy! Stereo Skateboards brings you a monthly edit of Ride Channel exclusive footage with full video parts from up and comers like Ben Fisher and […]

stereophonic sound volume 6

RIDE Channel – Yoshi, Tony Karr and Nate Greenwood in a Stereophonic Sound Ensemble: Volume 6

Uploaded by RIDEChannel. This Ensemble of Stereophonic Sound gives your eyes a hi-fidelty presentation of percussion, brass, strings and woodwinds. Enjoy this eclectic arrangement of Stereo’s own Yoshi Tanenbaum, Nick Zizzo, Tony Karr, Reemo and breakout percussionist Nate Greenwood. – Conductor of the Eagle Rock Philharmonic, Chris Pastras “Passing the limits of human belief, ‘Ensemble: […]

best foot forward 2014 ep 1

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2014: Ep 1

Season 2014, Episode 1. Uploaded by Zumiez. Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Bones Bearings episode 1. This episode features the WESC and Stereo Skateboards teams. Winners: Los Angeles, CA Zac Kovacs aka Ducky Gage Boyle Taylor Jett San Diego, CA Brendan Villanueva Matt Delgiudice Kanaan Dern Phoenix, AZ CJ Bartlett Luke […]