Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Lea Schairer

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. For our next Not Here By Luck episode, we head to Germany to catch up with Lea Schairer, who underwent knee surgery in 2019 and fought her way back to full strength just before lockdown began in early 2020.

Nike SB | Best of 2020

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. From Shane’s signature launch to Mason Silva winning SOTY, to a full-length from the Japan team, the Hopefuls and Nopefuls Texas-Canada tour, to the always entertaining Euro squad, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that skateboarders will always find a way to roll. Here’s the Best of 2020 from Nike Skateboarding. –Music–… Continue reading Nike SB | Best of 2020

Nike SB Australia | Welcome to Melbourne

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Ben Lawrie welcomes the Nike SB Australia team to his hometown of Melbourne, Vic. Jack O’Grady, Rowan Davis, Noah Nayef, recent transplant Riley Pavey and a slew of others wreak havoc on the city. Brass returns home while Aussie legend Anthony Mapstone holds his own among the new kids on the block.… Continue reading Nike SB Australia | Welcome to Melbourne

Nike SB Japan | CITY POP

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Bright city lights, classic J-POP synth and next level skateboarding. With only four months of filming and a dozen obstacles in the way, the Nike SB Japan crew does their thing in CITY POP. Featuring Ryo Motohashi, Taihou Tokura, Keyaki Ike, Kenya Okuno, Yuto Horigome and Ryuhei Kitazume with appearances by Sora… Continue reading Nike SB Japan | CITY POP

Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: GIZMO

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. While the Gizmo crew was out in London for the global premiere, we got together with riders Elissa Steamer, Sarah Meurle and Nicole Hause – as well as the man behind the lens, Jason Hernandez. Over the course of our conversation, they told us about their experiences skating together for the video,… Continue reading Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: GIZMO

Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Rio

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Last January, European young-guns Lore Bruggeman, Keet Oldenbeuving and Charlotte Hym made their way to Brazil to compete in the SLS Rio contest. We followed the journey of these three up-and-comers as we discover an insight into their life, their beginnings on the board and their skateboarding dreams.

Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Kate Shengeliya

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Despite the fact that it gets below freezing for months out of the year, Moscow has been quietly building a scene for mind-blowing skateboarders for quite some time now. Wasted Talent visited the hard-charging, fearless Kate Shengeliya on her home turf, cruised the streets of Russia’s capital city, checked out her favorite… Continue reading Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Kate Shengeliya

Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Rianne Evans

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Growing up UK-based Rianne Evans forged her own path as a young female skater in her native Bristol. Linking up with Josie Millard when she moved to Brighton, Rianne found support to drive her skateboarding to new heights. Now fresh off the all-female Aphrodite tour with fellow SB skaters Sarah Meurle, Cata… Continue reading Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Rianne Evans

Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Cata Diaz

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. In the next episode of Not Here By Luck we take to the streets with Cata Diaz in her adoptive city of Barcelona. Originally from Valparaiso, a Chilean port city, skateboarding wasn’t the easiest path for Cata. “Where I come from we didn’t even have a skatepark when I started skating. We… Continue reading Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Cata Diaz

Nike SB | Shane O’Neill: The Extra Bit

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Shane O’Neill has always had that Extra Bit of…well, everything. That extra bit of flip-in, flip-out. That extra bit of way-too-perfect. That extra bit of how-did-he-do-that? Nike SB is proud to present The Extra Bit, featuring Shane O’Neill. Filmed by Kevin Perez Additional filming by Chris Middlebrook, James Magnus James and Spanish… Continue reading Nike SB | Shane O’Neill: The Extra Bit

Nike SB | Hopefuls and Nopefuls

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Winning a contest and doing miles in the van are two different skill sets and whether you’re out for gold or pulling back cold gold, it’s all just skateboarding with your friends in the end. No mailbox, gas station, park or airport is safe when you put this crew together and hit… Continue reading Nike SB | Hopefuls and Nopefuls

Nike SB Japan | WAMONO

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Nike SB Japan presents ‘WAMONO’ featuring a cast of Japan’s finest including Keyaki Ike, Kenya Okuno, Issei Morinaka, Ryo Motohashi, Yuto Horigome, Taihou Tokura and Ryuhei Kitazume. Filmed by Daisuke Takahashi, Hidenori Tanaka and Nino Moscardi. –Music– Tokyo Ghetto Shamisen Spin Master A-1

Nike SB | Best of 2019

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. The best from Nike Skateboarding in 2019. Featuring Yuto Horigome, Leo Baker, Leticia Bufoni, Elissa Steamer, Sarah Meurle, Hayley Wilson, Aori Nishimura, Nicole Hause, Josie Millard, Rayssa Leal, Willis Kimbell, Lance Mountain, Mathias Torres, Antonio Durao, Gustavo Servin, Kevin Bradley, Caleb Barnett, Vincent Touzery, Guy Mariano, Ishod Wair, Kevin Terpening, Dashawn Jordan,… Continue reading Nike SB | Best of 2019