NKA Project – Lamont Holt vs. Vinnie Banh S.K.A.T.E.

Uploaded by NetworkA. Lamont Holt and Vinnie Banh take it underground for another edition of S.K.A.T.E. This flat ground battle starts off heavy in a real trick for trick bout but then takes an unexpected turn. Watch closely to see who manages to roll out the cleanest for the win.

NKA Project – Skater Carlos Lastra Stacks Clips

Uploaded by NetworkA. Check out skater Carlos Lastras, NKA is claiming Carlos is one of the most consistent skateboarders he’s ever skated with. Check out this extended video from a recent session in sunny LA…watch to the end when things really heat up.

NKA Project – Jeff DeChesare aka JeffWonSon Slo-Mo Tech Street Skating

Uploaded by NetworkA. This week’s episode features Jeff DeChesare, otherwise known as JeffWonSong. He’s been an internet skateboarding phenomenon since the beginning of Youtube. Jeff hails from New Jersey, has no sponsors and does tricks that no one else does. Hit him with a subscribe.

NKA Project – Fabrizio Santos Super Chill Backyard Skate Session

Uploaded by NetworkA. Brazilian pro Fabrizio “The Breeze” Santos invites NKA to his backyard skate ramp setup. Check out this super chill edit featuring Fabrizio and Dave Bachinsky working the transitions—mellow skate vibes from sunny So Cal.

NKA Project – Black Label & Nike SB Riley Stevens Destroys Channel Skatepark

Uploaded by NetworkA. In this fresh edit from the NKA Project, the 24-year old Black Label am reps his local spot and absolutely takes apart the capsule at the Channel Skatepark in San Pedro, CA.

NKA Project – Skaters Lamont Holt & Chris Harris at Camp Woodward West

Uploaded by NetworkA. Skateboarders Lamont Holt and Chris Harris takeover Camp Woodward West on this week’s episode of the NKA Project! Lamont kicks things off with manual combos inside the hanger while Chris handles the mini ramp. Next up both guys show off their skills on the many ledges and rails at this skate paradise!

NKA Project – Skateboarder Jordan Maxham at Camp Woodward West

Uploaded by NetworkA. Camp Woodward West in southern California is the ultimate playground and training facility for skateboarders of all abilities. This week on the NKA project get a closer look at Woodward’s huge variety of features and parks with skateboarder Jordan Maxham. Jordan goes off in this clip shredding the outdoor rail setups, mini… Continue reading NKA Project – Skateboarder Jordan Maxham at Camp Woodward West