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  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 10 (Los Angeles)

    Season 1, Episode 10. Not satisfied with breaking records on his College Invasion Tour, Tiësto heads to LA for the final leg – the biggest single headlining DJ gig in US history! See behind the scenes as Tiësto and his team plan the spectacular show, and he heads over to chat with Ryan Seacrest about […]

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 9 (Club Life College Invasion Tour)

    Season 1, Episode 9. Tiësto takes to the road (and the skies!) for his record breaking Club Life College Invasion Tour of the US. Playing at colleges across the country, from Massachusetts to California, Tiësto brings the show to the youth of America and manages to sneak in a game of beer pong along the […]

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 8 (New York)

    Season 1, Episode 8. Tiësto heads to New York City during Fashion Week, where he plays 3 shows in 3 days. While in town Tiësto meets with his CLVB LIFE Clothing team to discuss the designs for his first line. Fast forward 5 months and Tiësto is back in New York at the end of […]

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 7 (Canada)

    Season 1, Episode 7. Tiësto heads to Canada, for the latest stop on his Club Life Tour, hitting Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and many more. Hear why Canada is one of Tiësto’s favourite countries, as well as the story behind his hit collaboration with Hardwell – Zero76.

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 6 (Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey & Ibiza!)

    Season 1, Episode 6. Tiësto returns to Europe for another marathon weekend of shows, playing in the Czech Republic, Romania, Istanbul and Ibiza! Watch as he plays one of his legendary extended sets in Bucharest until the sun comes up!

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 5 (Mexico & Electric Daisy Carnival)

    Season 1, Episode 5. Tiësto touches down in Mexico to play 8 sold out shows around the country. Not all goes to plan though, as he faces the prospect of having to disappoint his fans and cancel a show due to safety concerns. Unhappy with the situation, Tiësto connects with his Mexican fans on Twitter, […]

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 4 (Paris, Marrakech & Ibiza)

    Season 1, Episode 4. Watch as Tiësto battles to make it to two shows in one night! Oh, and did we mention the first is in Paris, France and the second in Marrakech, Morocco?! So, after playing in Paris, it’s a fast run right from the stage to the waiting limo, and straight to the […]

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 3 (Miami)

    Season 1, Episode 3. Tiësto heads to Miami! Watch him as he plays a secret in-store performance earlier in the day ahead of his headlining performance in front of 50,000 fans at Ultra Music Festival. You’ll also get to see where it all started out for Tiësto as he travels back to his hometown in […]

  • Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 2 (Las Vegas)

    Season 1, Episode 2. Tiësto touches down in Nevada for one of the biggest dates in the Las Vegas calendar – Memorial Day weekend. Come along as Tiësto goes against the odds in Vegas to pull off two shows in one day, overcoming all obstacles in his way!