TransWorld RIDEbmx – X Games 2014: Big Air Finals

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. Wind. I don’t like it. Especially when it ruins a big air event. Lots of talk about people coming up short on the jump today and that’s pretty much what happened. Lots of falls, fortunately everyone is okay, but Colton Satterfield, Morgan Wade and James Foster put it together. Unfortunately, it was… Continue reading TransWorld RIDEbmx – X Games 2014: Big Air Finals

TransWorld RIDEbmx – Demarcus Paul in San Diego

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. “Demarcus is one of the most positive and versatile riders I know. Besides working on the LikeWise DVD, we decided to hit up a few local skateparks in San Diego before Demarcus had to head out on a trip to Arizona.” — Doeby Huynh

TransWorld RIDEbmx – 2014 Toronto Jam Finals Highlights

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. Here’s highlights from this year’s Toronto Jam that took place on Sunday, March 2nd. Yet again, Drew Bezanson continues his contest win streak doing the atypical at a park contest. Check everything that went down in finals and the full results below. Drew Bezanson Mike Varga Nick Bruce Nick DiGeroloma Steven Moxley… Continue reading TransWorld RIDEbmx – 2014 Toronto Jam Finals Highlights

TransWorld RIDEbmx – San Diego Trail Jam

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. On January 4th Blaine Mazzetti opened up his trails for his first (and possibly last) jam in north San Diego. Tons of heads (Chris Doyle, Dennis Enarson, Adam Baker, Mike Clark, Mike and Sal Saavedra and tons more) came out and a few bucks were raised at Blaine’s trails before a small… Continue reading TransWorld RIDEbmx – San Diego Trail Jam

TransWorld RIDEbmx – Tree Bicycles’ New England Roast

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. Join up with Tree Bikes riders Timmy Theus, Brian Yeagle, Clint Reynolds and owner Sam Schulte as they venture around the New England area and ride it all: street, dirt and parks. This trip was featured in our current issue (December 2013), so be sure to check out the full story there… Continue reading TransWorld RIDEbmx – Tree Bicycles’ New England Roast

TransWorld RIDEbmx – Introducing Shane Cecil

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. A few months back a nice guy by the name of Erik Hilburn decided to take over a staple in the Phoenix scene, Kore Bicycles. Since then Erik has done his best to revitalize the shop and do good things like hooking up a few dudes that absolutely kill it. Shane Cecil… Continue reading TransWorld RIDEbmx – Introducing Shane Cecil

TransWorld RIDEbmx – The Hunt DVD First Look

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. An exclusive look at the latest The Hunt DVD with commentary from head judge Will Stroud, “The Hunt is always the craziest part of my year. Getting emails and video submissions from people all over the world during the summer and then waiting to see what crazy video parts turn up for… Continue reading TransWorld RIDEbmx – The Hunt DVD First Look

TransWorld RIDEbmx – Texas Toast Street Finals

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. 15 riders, two runs, 30 minute jam session and absolute wildness in between. Cheers to the Texas Toast crew for throwing a damn good time.

TransWorld RIDEbmx – A Private Dew Tour Dirt Session

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. Dew Tour hit us up a while ago with the idea of doing a bringing out some lights and doing a private session from late afternoon and into the night on the beautifully-sculpted dirt course in San Francisco.

TransWorld RIDEbmx – 2013 Mongoose Jam Highlights

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. The 2013 Mongoose Jam went down at Woodward East in beautiful Woodward, Pennsylvania last weekend. Mongoose team captains Steve McCann, Kevin Peraza, Ben Wallace, Greg Illingworth, Cam White and Paul Ryan all chose four pro riders to team up with…

TransWorld RIDEbmx – X Games Street Final

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. Wow. I’ll be honest when I say that I thought the course was a little, umm, small this year, but damn, it produced some incredible riding. The level of riding has reached such a level where the consistency is absolutely unimaginable.

TransWorld RIDEbmx – X Games Big Air Final

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. Check the highlights including Morgan Wade’s 21 foot triple whip, Colton Satterfield’s no-handed 360 flip-to-late bar and Zack Warden’s flip bikeflip-to-late tailwhip.

TransWorld RIDEbmx – Vans Shoe’s Van Doren Invitational Finals Video

Uploaded by RideBMXMagazine. I was straight buzzin’ off this event. Been a long time (probably since the Kerley event at The Bakery) since I’ve been somewhere with such a good a vibe as the Van Doren Invitational.