Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: GIZMO

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. While the Gizmo crew was out in London for the global premiere, we got together with riders Elissa Steamer, Sarah Meurle and Nicole Hause – as well as the man behind the lens, Jason Hernandez. Over the course of our conversation, they told us about their experiences skating together for the video,… Continue reading Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: GIZMO

Nike SB | Not Here By Luck: Rio

Uploading by nikeskateboarding. Last January, European young-guns Lore Bruggeman, Keet Oldenbeuving and Charlotte Hym made their way to Brazil to compete in the SLS Rio contest. We followed the journey of these three up-and-comers as we discover an insight into their life, their beginnings on the board and their skateboarding dreams.