Life Behind Bars – Magic MTB Zones

Season 2, Episode 10. Uploaded by redbull. Kenny Smith, Robbie Bourdon, Thomas Genon and Yannick Granieri join Semenuk as they resurrect a section from NWD 10 with the help of Intern despite being a bit preoccupied. The dirt in Retallack helps form some of the best single track trails that the boys have ridden.

Road to Rampage – The Curse Strikes Again

Episode 6. Uploaded by redbull. Just after Tyler McCaul nails the trick of the season, the Rampage Curse continues with last year’s champion, Kurt Sorge. Taking one of the three riders out of the mix, the preparation for Red Bull Rampage continues even through the competition season.

Road to Rampage – Contest Season Strategy

Episode 5. Uploaded by redbull. In order to get better every athlete needs to focus on going outside of their comfort zone when it comes to training for Red Bull Rampage. The boys scout out spots to train and ways to get stronger for the big competition in abstract ways.

Mountain Bike Chronicles – 26 Trix Competition and Robby Bourdon in BC

Season 1, Episode 7. Uploaded by Red Bull. On this episode of Mountainbike Chronicles we are in Leogang, Austria for the annual 26 Trix event. We also catch up with FMB rider Robbie Bourdon as well as Andreu Lacondeguy in one of the best mountain biking regions – Nelson, Canada.