Shred Bots – Odd Folks 2 // Foreign Affair

Uploaded by SHREDBOTS OFFICIAL. The Aussie bred Odd Folks are back with their second full length movie with still barley any idea of what’s going on. Come along for few beers through Finland, Japan, Quebec and Whistler Canada. Nothing too serious just here for a good time. Riders: Joel Cantle, Jye Kearney, Ryan Tiene, Troy… Continue reading Shred Bots – Odd Folks 2 // Foreign Affair

Shred Bots – Odd Folks // The Movie

Uploaded by SHREDBOTS OFFICIAL. The Odd Folks venture to new places in the Northern Hemisphere to seek out the streets and back country for the first time. With barely any idea it made for an interesting trip. Follow the crew of Troy Sturrock, Andy James, Jordy Crockford, Joel Cuntle, Tim Laidlaw, Harry Green, Richie Carroll… Continue reading Shred Bots – Odd Folks // The Movie

Thredisodes – Spring Goodness

Season 2015, Episode 3. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. The boys from Olliepop Films hot-lapped through the park and were joined by European slayer Ethan Morgan and the famed RK1 boys of Stale Sandbech, Alek Ostreng and Torgeir Bergrem for a private jump shoot.

Odd Folks – Pre Peri Peri Chicken

Uploaded by boardworld. Making the most of an epic early season park setup at Perisher, the Odd Folks get to straight to work on Front Valley. Featuring Rocco Rachiele, Josh Vagne, Jordy Crockford, Bryan Bowler, Troy Sturrock, Joel Cantle and Jye Kearney. Film/Edit: Marcus Skin

Boardworld – Two Days of Hammers at Perisher Resort in Australia

Uploaded by boardworld. Two days of hammers at Perisher. Featuring Rainer Occhilupo, Jordan Crockford, Rocco Rachiele, Tenzin Butt, Nic Harvey, Louis Macindoe and Jye Kearney. Photo/Film/Edit: Tom Hannam

Boardworld – That Thredbo Vibe: Ep 2

Season 2013, Episode 2. Uploaded by boardworld. There’s nothing better than shredding with mates. As Thredbo’s park starts to take shape, we catch up with the crew for a solid session in the High Noon Park. Featuring Richie Carroll, Steve Griffis, Ant Haddrick, Pete Long, Matt Brazil, Tom Reilly, Louis Macindoe, Jared Dean, Rocco Rachiele,… Continue reading Boardworld – That Thredbo Vibe: Ep 2