Thrasher – Homies Ep. 9: Super Session

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Pedro Barros and Raney get it crackin’ at T.I. before Ishod, Zion, Sorgente, Foy and more burn down the Babylon bowl. These dogs are off the chain. Add title

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 8: “Street Jazz”

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Rye’s guys escape the bowls to wreck the round bars and steep banks out in the wild. This crew can’t stay captive. Add title

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 7: “Backyard Blowout”

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Omar Hassan hosts Ishod, Christian Henry and the Homies at his private paradise before a brief intermission with Jaws and Hale going psycho on the spine ramp. The good times never get old. Add title

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 6: “Up the Dosage”

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Curren, Glick, Michel, O’Grady and more join the regular homies, breakin’ down indoor bowls and wildin’ out at Washington Street. Feel the heat and the Muska Beatz. Add title

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 4: Lake Elsinore

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. The Pabich bros, Delfino, Chucky, Ronnie and guest homies Jimmy Wilkins and Cocona Hiraki scrape Lake Elsinore’s coping clean. This is surefire STOKE.

Red Bull Skateboarding | SŌLUS Entry: Roman Pabich

Uploaded by Red Bull Skateboarding. Roman Pabich’s entry for our new digital skateboarding contest – SŌLUS. With all the skate contests canceled this year, Ryan Sheckler opened the doors to his skatepark and invited 13 of the best skateboarders in the world to battle it out in a new digital skateboarding contest. Each skater has… Continue reading Red Bull Skateboarding | SŌLUS Entry: Roman Pabich

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 3: Shut it Down

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Ishod, Ronnie, Roman, Cedric, Tyson, Pedro Barros and more homies blast over channels and burn down bowls, barking and brimming the whole time. Feel alive!

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 2: Montreal

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Tony Hawk, Omar Hassan and plenty of legends-to-be crew up in Canada to blast at the Big O and party in the parks. Get familiar with the vision and voice of our guy Rye alongside his ever-growing stoke squad.

Thrasher – Homies Ep. 1: Europe

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Koston, Gerwer, Mason, Cedric, Roman and many more tear up Copenhagen, keeping the party rolling from spot to spot. Can’t beat the homie vibes.

OJ Wheels – Elite Vol 1.

Uploaded by OJ Wheels. Elite Vol 1 – Featuring Jon Dickson, Figgy, Nick Boserio, Willis Kimbel, Zack Wallin, Erick Winkowski, GX 1000 Gang, Tom Remillard, John Gardner, Bobby Long, Ben Raemers, Roman Pabich, Ryan Townley and introducing OJ’s newest pro, Axel Cruysberghs. Edited by: Otto Ray

Welcome Skateboards – Welcome in The Eurogenous Zone (2017)

Uploaded by WELCOME SKATEBOARDS. Video documentation of the Welcome adventures in Europe, starring Will Blaty, Ryan Lay, Ryan Townley, Aaron Goure, Daniel Vargas, Roman Pabich, Rick Fabro and Dakota Hunt. –Music– Madonna – Into the Groove Psyche – Prisoner to Desire i-Town DJs – Ding-A-Ling Echo and the Bunnymen – Hole in the Holy Filmed… Continue reading Welcome Skateboards – Welcome in The Eurogenous Zone (2017)