Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2015: Ep 8

Season 2015, Episode 8. Uploaded by Zumiez. The Zumiez Best Foot Forward crew rolls through Kansas and into Colorado, getting back to nature with Justin Strubing, Peter Raffin, Alex Massotti, Steve Perdue, Jon Nguyen and the rest of the Imperial Motion team. Check out the footage as captured by The Berrics. Winners Bryant Chapel, Phil… Continue reading Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2015: Ep 8

GX1000 – Living in The Bay

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Flowing through the SF streets, creative use of spots and of course bombing hills: here’s that “makes you want to skate” GX vibe again. Featuring Brian Delatorre, Jake Johnson, Ben Gore, Al Davis, Wes Kremer and many others rippers.