Uploaded by DGK. DGK‘s newest video showcasing the squad that has been Saved by Skateboarding. All of the DGK team is featured in this video, as well as a whole mix of new faces to the DGK squad. The perfect video to spark up 2017. dgkallday.com

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2016: Ep 9

Season 2016, Episode 9. Uploaded by Zumiez. Indianapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee with the AYC team was a success. Watch episode 9 to find out which Zumiez Best Foot Forward veteran is heading to Seattle for Finals in September.

TransWorld SKATEboarding – Video Check Out Nate Greenwood

Uploaded by TransworldSKATEmag. Age: 22 Home: Springfield, Massachusetts Sponsors: Stereo, Nike SB, Independent, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Ashbury Eyewear, WeSC, Theory Skateshop, Stance, 502 Hardware, Magical Go-Go Wax, Budsuds

Thrasher – DGK’s “Blood Money” Video

Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. DGK has again earned their reputation for progression and classic moves with a twist. This video rips. Marquise is a board control wizard with one of the great modern styles. And as for Boo? You have to see it to believe it. The entire DGK crew is also represented in this major… Continue reading Thrasher – DGK’s “Blood Money” Video

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2014: Ep 3

Season 2014, Episode 3. Uploaded by Zumiez. Check out the third episode of the 2014 Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Bones Bearings. In this episode the crew travels through the Southeast and makes stops in Baton Rouge, Gainesville and the Skatepark of Tampa. Check out all the action as the AYC… Continue reading Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2014: Ep 3