Brothers on the Run – Jam Sessions and Surf Trips

Season 1, Episode 12. Uploaded by Red Bull. The boys finally leave Mexico and make their way into Central America, passing through Guatemala and into El Salvador. After a jam session at the border crossing they stop at a kid’s summer camp before scoring some perfect waves with their new friend, Porfillio Miranda.

Brothers on the Run – Surfing with Bruce Irons and Coco Nogales

Season 1, Episode 10. Uploaded by Red Bull. The brothers are still in Mexico surfing double overhead waves with professional surfer Bruce Irons. After stopping in Puerto Escondido to hang with Coco Nogales, they decide to hit the road and continue their journey down south.

Brothers on the Run – Barreled in Mexico

Season 1, Episode 9. Uploaded by Red Bull. John and Eric are still in Mexico, giving back to some of the locals by providing shoes and food in an underprivileged area of town. Their mystery friend Panchito bids farewell before the brother’s paddle out into some double overhead surf at Pascuales.

Brothers on the Run – Scoring Perfect Waves in Baja

Season 1, Episode 8. Uploaded by Red Bull. The Jackson brothers continue their journey down south through Mexico in search of some perfect waves. Along the way they pick up a mystery man known as Panchito, get some downhill longboarding in and manage to get the van stuck in a parking garage… all before scoring… Continue reading Brothers on the Run – Scoring Perfect Waves in Baja