Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2018: Recap 2

Season 2018, Episode 2. Uploaded by The Berrics. The annual Zumiez mega contest series, Best Foot Forward, continued last month with Stop 13 in El Paso, Texas. From there, things really heated up with additional stops in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawaii, Vancouver, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Missouri. And with appearances from the Girl,… Continue reading Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2018: Recap 2

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2016: Finals Part 1

Season 2016, Episode 14. Uploaded by Zumiez. Before Finals, our 37 contestants got to cruise around Seattle with Kenny Anderson, Vern Laird and more. Marginal Way, All Together & Cloverdale Skatepark are a few of the many stops they made throughout the city. Check it out and stay tuned for Part 2!

Zumiez – Best Foot Forward 2016: Ep 12

Season 2016, Episode 12. Uploaded by Zumiez. Onward to Oakland and Sacramento with the Plan B team in this episode of Zumiez Best Foot Forward.