World of X ESPN ABC – Full Episode Sage Kotsenburg’s Other Side Project

Uploaded by Sage Kotsenburg. Following his Olympic gold medal in Sochi in 2014, Sage Kotsenburg chose to focus on “The Other Side” of snowboarding. Follow Kotsenburg’s journey as he travels around the world, riding everything from Utah powder to the streets of Bosnia.

Sage Kotsenburg – “The Other Side” Episode 5

Season 2015, Episode 5. Uploaded by Sage Kotsenburg. Sage is always on the forefront of progressing snowboarding in many different ways. He offers his own insight on how snowboarding is constantly transforming through progression in it’s many forms. As a strong ambassador of the sport, Sage wants to inspire people through the sport he loves… Continue reading Sage Kotsenburg – “The Other Side” Episode 5

Sage Kotsenburg – “The Other Side” Episode 3

Season 2015, Episode 3. Uploaded by Sage Kotsenburg. As Sage takes a trip to the Swiss Alps he thrives riding in the backcountry and being deep in the mountains. Sage grew up riding powder, but never pursued it in a way he did this past season. He offers a unique perspective from looking up to… Continue reading Sage Kotsenburg – “The Other Side” Episode 3

Sage Kotsenburg – “The Other Side” Episode 2

Season 2015, Episode 2. Uploaded by Sage Kotsenburg. Join Sage and co. as they travel to Bosnia and Russia to find new spots to hit and discover along the way how universal snowboarding can be while riding with kids from far away countries.

Sage Kotsenburg – “The Other Side” Episode 1

Season 2015, Episode 1. Uploaded by Sage Kotsenburg. This episode goes inside Sage’s head on his current state of competing and the aftermath of the Olympics. As he dives further into snowboarding he learns more about his own riding style and how he plans to balance competing and filming.