push season 2 epilogue

PUSH – Season 2 Epilogue

Uploaded by The Berrics. With new parts from Daniel Lutheran, Blake Carpenter, Miles Silvas, Leo Romero, Brandon Biebel, Tommy Fynn, Curren Caples and Nick Tucker coming soon, take a look at unreleased footage from the filming of their PUSH projects. The epilogue features interviews with Tony Hawk, Mike Sinclair, Arto Saari, Ed Templeton and Heath […]

push tommy fynn ep 2

PUSH – Tommy Fynn: Hectic

Episode 2. Uploaded by The Berrics. Tommy Fynn’s second PUSH episode is a swirl of all the responsibilities, perks and inconveniences of being a Pro skater. You may be on the verge of getting kicked out while trying to shoot an ad one minute—with an audience that includes legends Mike Blabac and Josh Kalis—then rushing […]

push tommy fynn ep 1

PUSH – Tommy Fynn: New Plan

Episode 1. Uploaded by The Berrics. The first step in putting together footage for a part is communicating with your filmer. You can’t expect your lensman to read your mind, so talk it out. Tommy Fynn has this down—keeping his filmer in the loop, continually planning and revising—as he throws tricks against the wall to […]