TransWorld SNOWboarding – @REDSBACKYARD: Ep 2

Season 1, Episode 2. Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Every snowboarder wants a backyard set up. With rails and jumps hand built by you and your friends to session day and night. Until the neighbors come out and tell you to “keep it down!”. Featuring: Dillon Ojo, Tommy Gesme, Jordan Small, Red Gerard, Brendan Gerard, Andrew Brewer,… Continue reading TransWorld SNOWboarding – @REDSBACKYARD: Ep 2

Bear Mountain – 2014 Hot Dawgz and Handrails Highlight Video

Uploaded by BearMountainResort. Check out all of your favorite snowboarders battling it out in this year’s Hot Dawgs and Handrails! Mens: Johnny O’Connor Denis Leontyev Luke Haddock Womens: Mariah Dugan Best Trick: Zach Rawles

Windells Camp – Best of Windells Snowboard Camp 2013

Uploaded by Windells Camp. Featuring Sage Kotsenburg, Forest Bailey, Eiki Helgason, Halldor Helgason, Dylan Thompson, Zak Hale, Johnny Lazz, Brendan Gerard, Brady Lem, Riley Nickerson, Ozzy Henning, Justin Fronius, Jordan Small and more! As the Summer of 2014 quickly approaches we look back at some of the finer moments of Summer 2013. Watch guest pros,… Continue reading Windells Camp – Best of Windells Snowboard Camp 2013

TransWorld SNOWboarding – Park Sessions Woodward at Tahoe

Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Our Donner party turned out way better! Take a look at the Woodward Tahoe setup and one word is immediately burned into your head: flow. You can see it in the way jibs are laid out—it’s not just a bunch of rails in a row, they’re spread around so you can pinball… Continue reading TransWorld SNOWboarding – Park Sessions Woodward at Tahoe

Woodward Tahoe – “Labeled” Full Movie

Uploaded by WoodwardTahoe. Woodward Tahoe, home of ridiculously fun parks, summer camp sessions and creative Superpark builds, presents Labeled, a full movie that brings you all the action from the 2012/2013 snow season at Woodward Tahoe in three sections: Winter, Summer and Superpark. Enjoy the snowboarding of Sammy Spiteri, Tommy Gesme, Tim Eddy, Erik Leon,… Continue reading Woodward Tahoe – “Labeled” Full Movie

Jupiter People – Goboard at Boreal Opening

Uploaded by PengProductions. When I woke up on Halloween I thought I was going skating then my homie said he was going to Tahoe to shred Boreal opener and I had to kruise. As we were driving we had no idea what to expect we just wanted to snowboard on anything and see some good… Continue reading Jupiter People – Goboard at Boreal Opening

Bear Mountain – Hot Dawgs and Handrails 10

Uploaded by BearMountainResort. The Tenth Annual Hot Dawgs and Handrails Snowboard Contest at Bear Mountain! Men’s: Tommy Gesme Dillon Ojo Jordan Small Women’s: Melissa Evans Best Trick: Jaeger Bailey Shot by: Adam “BEEF” Ruzzamenti, Mark Thalman, Andrew Pagano and Cole Taylor Edit by: BEEF

Woodward Tahoe – Snowboarding Summer 2013: Session 1

Session 1. Uploaded by WoodwardTahoe. Session 1 kicks off with the Nitro Snowboards crew and friends. Song: After Dark by Death Day