Twelve Months – A Year in Search of Shred Full Movie

Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. You watched all of the 12 Months edits, now it’s time for the full movie! From opening days in the states, to Austrian pow, to late season Colorado shredding, to Mt. Hood, to riding glaciers in Europe, to everything in between, the Rome time got it all. Check out their full year… Continue reading Twelve Months – A Year in Search of Shred Full Movie

Twelve Months – October

Uploaded by TWsnowFILMS. Well it’s been one whole years since the guys at Rome kicked off their 12 Months Project and this right here is their final episode. Last year the Rome team kicked off the season in the US, so they figured why not kick off winter in Europe this year. Join Len Jorgensen,… Continue reading Twelve Months – October

Twelve Months – September

Uploaded by romesds. September is a time to get stoked because winter is right around the corner. Some people are lucky enough to be riding a bit already, such as the Rome Europe crew. Most however, are still feeling the itch. We pass the time by doing a little “community service” on our favorite trails,… Continue reading Twelve Months – September

Twelve Months – August

Uploaded by romesds. The Southern Hemisphere is the place to be when searching for snow in August. So Len Jorgensen and Thomas Delfino booked some tickets to Chile and set off on a shred adventure. With no concrete plans, no filming from helicopters and no cheese wedge jumps, the two made friends with the locals… Continue reading Twelve Months – August

Twelve Months – July

Uploaded by romesds. This isn’t your average summer snowboard edit. Get an inside look at how the crew working at Windells Camp make it happen so they can shred all summer. Don’t worry though – you can expect some serious riding from Ozzy Henning, Derrek Lever, Riley Nickerson, Ian Boll, Jeff Hopkins, Chris Frost and… Continue reading Twelve Months – July

Twelve Months – June

Uploaded by romesds. At certain times of year, and for certain types of lines, hiking is the only option. With this in mind Bjorn Leines, Cody Booth, Nate Goodman, Satellite Boardshop’s Raul Pinto and Rome’s founders Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz headed to Colorado. What they found there were some steep lines that were well… Continue reading Twelve Months – June