Thrasher – King of the Road 2014: Episode 11

2014 Edition, Episode 11. Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. In this final episode, Nyjah continues his handrail assault, Majerus gets sent to the hospital and Clint dies for all his KOTR sins. Winners announced now!

Thrasher – King of the Road 2014: Episode 10

2014 Edition, Episode 10. Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. As the teams converge in their final city, Curren battles Fat Bob, Smolik flexes his tech and Nyjah tackles two of the most hectic kinkers you’ll ever see. Only one more episode before the winners are announced Saturday night!

Thrasher – King of the Road 2014: Episode 9

2014 Edition, Episode 9. Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Louie grinds a harsh 30, the rocks take revenge on Clint and Nyjah’s piggyback ender has to be seen to be believed. New shit, KOTR-style!

Thrasher – King of the Road 2014: Episode 8

2014 Edition, Episode 8. Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. Clive swaps spit, Raybourn goes Gou, Nyjah plays with fire and Louie takes it off the top rope as KOTR blazes on!

Thrasher – King of the Road 2014: Episode 7

2014 Edition, Episode 7. Uploaded by ThrasherMagazine. The shit hits the fan as KOTR reaches Skatopia – pipes, poultry, Peter Smolik and then somebody gets their windshield smashed in. And this only the halfway point!

Gullwing Truck Co. – 2013 Team Leftovers

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. 2013 Gullwing Army extras from the road and home. Tyrone Olson, Taylor Hoagland, Andrew Mercado, Shaun Ross, Connor Getzlaff, Elijah Anderson, Timmy Jak, Gobber, Rayce Davis, Tyler Martin, Poptart, Andy Boggs, Cano Cardenas, Jeff Ward, Todd, RJ Baltazar, Ben Johnson and last but not least Keith Baldassare.

Gullwing Truck Co. – San Francisco Assault

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. Once the Gullwing Assault Vehicle 2.0 landed in the bay area it was full bore shredding from arrival to departure. The Boys were getting their tricks, the weather was beautiful and the spots were perfect. See you next year SF!

Gullwing Truck Co. – Road to San Francisco

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. Gullwing Truck Co. was just on the road to Chili Bowl 9 & made a few stops along the way. Including, but not limited to, a Skate House Media Ramp stint featuring the likes of Louis Pilloni. The ole’ Dos Pueblos Ranch, ‘The Orchid’, for some late night in-door shenanigans & winding… Continue reading Gullwing Truck Co. – Road to San Francisco

Gullwing Truck Co. – The Orchid

Uploaded by GULLWINGTRUCKCO. The Gullwing assault vehicle made its way through busy Los Angeles en route to “The Orchid” nestled in the coastal wonderland of Central California. The Boys took every opportunity available to skate on this leisurely summer road trip up the coast.